KSHC Committee

Club Contacts  2017/18 
Chairperson – Jenny Sayer
Vice Chairperson – Sharron Simpson
Secretary – Claire Smithson
Treasurer – Debbie Barr
Fixtures Secretary – Linda Johnstone
Communications Officer – Anna Pigney
Fundraising Officer – Amy Potter
Coaching Co-ordinator – Lucy Ellwood
Warm Up Co-ordinator – Carla Boustead
Social Secretary – Rachael Gowing
Umpires Co-ordinator – Lisa Bousfield
Clubs First Co-ordinator – Sharron Simpson
Ladies 1st Captain – Kim Bridget Balmer
Ladies 2nd Captain – Dianne Boustead
Netherwoood Captains – Becca Cook & Sami Bousfield
Mens Captain – Colin Smithson
Junior Coach – Andrea Dixon
Welfare Officer – Vicki Capstick

It takes an awful lot of work from all our volunteers to keep the club running so well done to everyone who gives their time and it is all very much appreciated! If you feel you have the time and could contribute to the running of the club please don’t hesitate to contact us – there is always plenty of jobs to do!