Ladies 1s V Newcastle Uni 23/11/19

Becoming tradition the day started off with banana bread, one of Anthea Bowmans best it has to be said. 

This seemed to fuel the team from the off as within the first 30 seconds Bowman perfectly weighted the ball to the top of the D, where Anna Pigney sent the ball straight passed the Newcastle keeper from the top of the D. Kirkby struggled to settle in the game after this and before the end of the first half Newcastle had equalised the game to 1-1 after a penalty corner routine.

Still in the game, but knowing they needed to up the pace Kirkby came back out after half time looking for a win. Team Captain Racheal Gowing put herself on the line stopping a ball on the goal line, shortly followed by a player on the opposition getting a ball to the head putting both players on the bench. This injury time stopped play for a short while and Newcastle came back fighting winning and converting several penalty corners within short succession. The home defence worked hard defending in open play but before they knew it Kirkby had lost control of the score line. The final score was 1-6 to Newcastle Uni, leaving Kirkby with lots to work on but looking forward to regaining control in their away game next week against Lancaster.


Ladies 1s V Liverpool Sefton 16/11/19

KSHC travelled to Liverpool, and unfortunately started with the first 15 minutes predominantly in their own half.  However, once they had warned up, they soon began to challenge Liverpool Sefton.  Sefton managed to gain 2 goals in the first half from routined pieces for penalty corners.

After a motivating halftime team talk by coach, Janette McWhirter, the team set out to a mean start.  Distributing the ball throughout the team, from the back to the forwards; Sophie Winder, Jenny Coates, Rachel Gowing, Emma Thorpe, Lucy Ewbank, Anthea Bowman, Julie Hope, Anna Pigney, Georgia Chapman, Heidi Maughan, Lucy Potter, Nicole Clegg, Ella Capstick and Amy Potter. 

Kirkby Stephen fought for a penalty corner, where they managed to net their first goal.  Anthea Bowman injected the ball out to the top of the D to Lucy Potter, two defenders came out to Lucy, and she slipped the ball on the left to Julie Hope, who flicked the ball into the back of the net.

The second goal came from Heidi Maughan’s tremendous defending in the KS D, picking up the ball and went around 4 of Seftons players, she passed an impeccable ball to Lucy Potter down the right wing, who quickly squared the ball Julie Hope, scoring a relieving goal with a superb finish past the keeper. 

The result finished 2-2, and man of the match was awarded to Sophie Winder for her tremendous saves left, right and centre, keeping KS in the game.


Ladies 1s V Sheffield 09/11/19

The weekly banana loaf settled in to the new KSHC tradition, giving everyone the energy to fight for a victory against Sheffield ladies.

Kirkby Stephen gained a penalty corner; Anthea Bowman injected the ball to Julie Hope, who struck the ball, and the keeper saved it, Heidi Maughan picked up the rebound and shot, but it was saved again, coming back out to Julie, and Julie beautifully placed it past the keeper.

Nicole Clegg scored the 2nd goal, after some good play across the field, Heidi played ball through to Nicole and a great finish from the top of the D.

The third goal was another penalty corner advantage, the ball was played out to the top of the D, where Lucy Potter took a route-one straight strike into the backboard.

Sheffield only managed to get 2 goals to finish the match on a 3-2 win to KS.  Nicole Clegg was awarded player of the match for tireless effort and contribution throughout the whole game, and scoring a belter that even she was shocked with!