Change to the training fee payment (Wednesday Night Training)

In a change to our current system of paying training fees at the start of each session, fees should be paid upfront either as one payment for the whole season or in two instalments.  Total cost will be

  • Senior £75.00 or 2 instalments of £40.00
  • Junior (including those in full time education) £60.00 or 2 instalments of £30.00

The cost has been worked out on our current weekly fees x25 weeks although the full season consists of 31 weeks. 

Payment schedule:

  • 1st August – full training fee payment or instalment 1
  • 30th September – Membership fees to be paid
  • 1st January – training fee instalment 2

Anyone occasionally training/visiting will be charged a weekly fee of £3.50 (seniors) or £2.50 (juniors).