Ladies 1s 3 -1 Brooklands Poynton

Kirkby Stephen 1st team headed to Sale, Manchester, on Saturday to take on Brooklands Poynton 2nds.

After some tremendous play from the back with Rachael Gowing, Jenny Coates & Jessica Harrison, Jenny powered the ball down to Heidi Maughan on the left wing. Heidi smoothly deflected the ball through her legs, where Anna Pigney picked it up, after superb movement off the ball, drove into the D and slipped the ball to Lucy Potter on the right post, where Potter placed the ball into the goal.

Only minutes later, Julie Hope played a brilliant disguised pass from the defensive D through the sea of players, finding Lucy on the top of the attacking D, with no defenders in sight, the goalkeeper ran out to pressure Lucy but she calmly slipped the ball to Anna, who smashed the ball into the backboard, 2-0.

The game was fast-paced, physical and back-and-forth, which entailed a lot of running for the midfield, Nicole Clegg, Anthea Bowman, Lilia Hutchinson, Tilly Rose, Heidi Maughan and Julie Hope. And lots of resilient defending, and fantastic saves from Sophie Winder, however Brooklands Poynton they managed to get their first goal from a slick set-piece penalty corner just on the half time whistle, 2-1.

Kirkby Stephen had chances on the break after half term but were under pressure, they dealt with this well, and did the same, with Lucy Potter, Anna Pigney & Mags Donnelly closing them down on the ball, generating many fouls which lead to KS winning a penalty corner. The ball was injected out by Anna to the top of the D on Lucy’s stick, Lucy slipped the ball left to Heidi, who calmly slotted the ball past the wall of defenders and into far corner, 3-1.

After a lot of physical play, which did not affect Tilly & Lilia on their debut, the ball was fought for back & forth on the pitch, nor Mags Donnelly who pressured their defence until she won the ball. Brooklands were awarded a penalty flick, after Rachael saved the ball on the line, taking a mighty crack to the knee. Brooklands player stepped up, and the tension built, she slipped it to the bottom right of the goal, but Sophie dived left, and Sophie still managed to catch her toe on the ball to divert it out of play.

Man of the match was awarded to Nicole Clegg for fighting on in the midfield, with endless sprints back & forth down the right wing. Kirkby Stephen play their Derby team, Kendal 1sts, at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School on Saturday 20th November, 1pm start.


Ladies 1s 1 – 0 Garstang

In miserable weather Kirkby Stephen ladies 1st team hosted Garstang 1s at home knowing they would have the advantage in the typical windy wet conditions. The game started at pace with the home team taking the early advantage after great team play won them a penalty corner. The ball was hit out to Julie Hope who slipped it to Heidi Maughan and she buried the ball passed the keeper hitting the backboard. The intensity remained high with some great movement from Lucy Potter and Anna Pigney up front creating many opportunities on goal. Youngster Mags Donnelly worked her socks off stepping into the midfield alongside Nicole Clegg. The whistle blew 1-0 to the home side at half time with both teams still in the game. Garstang came out strong and pushed forward to force goalkeeper Sophie Winder to make the save of her hockey career – ABSOLUTE TEKKERS!!

Drama also struck in the home sides D as 2 defenders Jenny Coates and Di Boustead crashed together leaving both parties rather bruised. This gave the team time to recover and regroup to keep hold of the win for the last 10 minutes, with relentless hassling from centre backs Vicki Capstick and Rachel Gowing. A great 1-0 victory to Kirkby Stephen who remain at the top of the table in the North West Women’s Premier League. Special mention to Anthea Bowman who got man of the match after a superb performance in the centre of midfield.


Ladies 1s 3-0 Chester 1s

Another victory to Kirkby Stephen Hockey Club Women’s 1s last Saturday, beating Chester 1s 3-0. Within the first minute, the first goal was achieved by Lucy Potter who received a clean straight pass from Julie Hope, Lucy then turned and shot straight into the goal, setting the first half of the match up for success.  The next goal then followed with Anna Pigney receiving the ball from Lucy Potter, who’s skilled dribbling placed the ball onto the ‘P’ spot for Anna to then send a fantastic ball straight into the goal. An unfortunate injury then occurred from Catherine Ewbank playing Right Back, who received a lifted ball from the opposition to her jaw. The game was stopped for 5 minutes whilst she bravely went off the pitch, and Kirkby Stephen were told by their coach, Janette McWhirter, to keep composed in what was turning into a tenacious game from both sides. A third goal was then achieved by Heidi Maughan, initiated by Anna Pigney, who drew the ball out to Anthea Bowman who then played it straight to Heidi, who was in the perfect position by the left post, placing it straight into the goal. The whistle was blown for half time, making it a successful yet challenging first half.

The second half was a battle till the end as Chester came back fighting, making Kirkby Stephen defenders work hard – Jenny Coates, Rachel Law and Vicki Potter, as well as goalie, Sophie Winder all played a brilliant and solid game, not allowing any goals to go past them. The second half certainly tested the fitness of all players, especially the midfielders, who’s job was to constantly run up and down the pitch helping to defend and attack. Nicole Clegg, Anthea Bowman, Heidi Maughan, Julie Hope and Sally Addison worked and ran hard in these positions.  Mags Donnelly was also a star player who, because of being one player down, played numerous positions and excelled in them all.