Ladies 1s face some tough opponents

KSHC have felt the pressure and stepped up to the mark the previous two weeks, playing top of the league, Durham University 2nds, and second in the league, Didsbury Northern 1s. 

Despite the fast-paced strategical hockey played by Durham, Kirkby Stephen managed to create many chances but did not manage to convert any, and conceded 2.  Man of the match was given to Becca Ewbank for her tremendous debut game back after university, playing against her uni teammates, cleaning up many breaks from the opposition in centre back.

The following week, Kirkby Stephen faced Didsbury away.  Didsbury set off to an intense start, creating a goal from a penalty corner drag flick into the top right of the net.  Kirkby Stephen fought on, and Julie Hope defeated 3 defenders, and, at the right edge of the D, Julie struck the ball from a half-volley, powerfully smashing it past the defenders, attackers and goalkeeper into the top left of the net.  Unfortunately, Didsbury managed to claim their second goal, gaining their 2-1 win at home.  Man of the match was given to Rachael Gowing, at centre back, for her superb effort to clearing & protecting the KS goal, and distributing perfectly up to midfield and upfront.  

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