Ladies 2s V Keswick 1s 1-2 Match report

Kirkby Stephen ladies 2nd team travelled away to play Keswick ladies 1st
The game started with both teams determined to win and passing strongly however Kirkby had a lot of the possession. There were lots of runs down the wing from Kodi Elliot , Leah Boustead & Emma Thorpe which were passed into the D for the forwards Ella Capstick, Carla Boustead and Emily Jackson however they couldnโ€™t get it past Keswickโ€™s defence and goalie. Keswick came back at Kirkby making passes through our players however the Center midfield of Lucy Ewbank and Nicole Clegg intersepted many balls and tackled strongly. Keswick took the possession off Kirkby who were then faced with Kirkbys defence of Dianne Boustead, Littanie newcome, Vikki Capstick,   Lisa Bousfield & Angela Clegg ; after many attempts they unfortunately got a goal.Both teams carried on playing strongly but the whistle blew for half time with Keswick 2 goals up. Kirkby played well in the second half and Leah Boustead picked up the ball in her own half drove the ball down her wing into the D and struck the ball into the back of the net gaining Kirkby a goal , Kirkby kept applying pressure but were unfortunate not to get a 2nd goal making the final score 2-1 to Keswick.

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